HOP 2 Origins of SOAP Open Act 1-8

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Ms Freburg, I am looking into your complaint about Officer Garcia and Sergeant Smart. I would like to meet with you next week to discuss the matter. Is there any time Wednesday through Friday that it will be convenient for you to meet with me?

We can meet at the UCSD Police Station or some other place that you prefer.

Tom MorrisCaptain, UCSD Police_________________________________



HOP 2: Fe Stu


[The scene opens inside Haliwt’s home. Captain Brian Tokin is with her; he is taking photographs as she poses around the living room wearing fine lingerie.]


Brian: “It just doesn’t seem possible for military murders to happen on Coronado Island but then, it has, it did. It’s always reminded me of a fairy tale place: like the blonde good witch in the bubble, Wizard of OZ. Maybe no place like home didn’t mean what I thought it did, that’s all.”


[Brian’s facial expression of internal distress and sadness seems at odds with his external calm.]


Brian: “I feel bad about not feelin’ just awful.”


Haliwt: “Exactly.”


[Haliwt dabs a tissue to both corners of her eyes: she poses; Brian snaps a photograph.]


Haliwt:  “Robert Reis was my neighbor all during junior high and high school years: before that I was the flower girl at his son’s wedding.  Ronnie married Linda Sutphin. She was the second daughter of Garth and Neva Sutphin. Garth was just Colonel then, but he was already ruling the world. It was all the jets: jets were the power driving Lemone and fog days forever. Pilots have to learn to use instruments without vision and where I grew up, fog was blessing and curse together. I loved fog: it hid me from whomever there was to escape.”


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[Haliwt repositions herself on her interpretation of a sofa: she adjusts her long hair and tugs a bra strap; she fakes a smile just as Brian snaps the photographic image.]


“But to make a too long story shorter: soon after the ceremony, Linda thought Ronnie impregnated his sister.  His sister birthed a baby boy, Tommy. Tommy is or was Karen and David’s father. Their grandfather was Robert Reis, Mr. PG&E: Mr. Reis established most all the electrical service at the air base and surrounding areas. Tommy’s children having Reis as their last name indicates Linda’s thinking wasn’t wrong: not wrong like Rotten Ronnie say so during a later day divorce proceeding. Their love was destined to fail: she was raised Vegan... He went way off by buying a few cows for milking at the home.”


[Brian tilts his head back and rolls his eyes at the ceiling, then stares at Haliwt’s face; she releases an exaggerated sigh.]


Haliwt: “I’m thinking time for a break.”


[After Haliwt waves to the direction of a dining room area, Brian sits down uncomfortably onto a stool made elaborate from oriental motive painted porcelain. His knees won’t fit under the small square table at the front of it: he positions himself at an angle and then adjusts his legs to fit like a triangle around one table leg. Haliwt smiles as she steps into the kitchen.]


Brian: “This the dinner table or somethin’?”


Haliwt: “Cup of tea? Or something. It’s more a serving dinner table for plates to balance on a lap; it’s fun. The big—huge platter of food for the table—platter is for all you help yourself to eating or for as little on smaller plates to lap. I’ve got some fresh baked tea biscuit, cocoa nib and banana.”


[Haliwt busies herself by fixing a tray for tea and biscuits.]


Brian: “Oh. I just noticed you don’t have like a real dining table or even a real sofa. I suppose you don’t like chairs much either, since you’ve only got the one.”


Haliwt: “Uh Uhn. Here we go; the presentation of food can cause greater satisfaction or a heightened sensation of fulfillment. An equivalent is how foreplay is for sex: just saying presentation gets me hot.”


Brian: “Uh Uhn.”


[Haliwt sets a small platter with tea biscuits stacked high onto the center of the small square table; a few fresh strawberries surrounding the golden biscuits offer bright appeal. Two cups of tea on tiny saucers amuse Brian.]


Brian: “If you think I’m gonna to try to put that itsy plate with that boilin’ hot water on the front of my pants, you’re wrong.”


[Brian laughs at his own statement; Haliwt giggles—exhales deeply—then develops a serious facial expression as she sits down onto the only other stool at the tea table.]


Haliwt: “So, I was walking on a campus sidewalk in the direction of the VA hospital; a small red car was driving up from behind me. It started slowing down and when I looked to the left, he had his pants open, jerking on himself, get it? Spanking, wanking: he was masturbating and driving the car. It was gross: flashback to a stalker Saturday noon, November 2010.”


Brian: “Did I fade out—nod off—or is this a completely new discussion?”


Haliwt: “Sort of new. I’m just now getting to it. The guy driving circled the car around several times, until I finally ran over to a grass knoll centered on the roadway; I thought I could run to either sidewalk from there without having to see him doing it again.”


[Brian’s nods his head with a strawberry sticking halfway out of his mouth.]


Haliwt: “I was almost to a stop sign when a UCSD patrol drove up from behind me to ask me to cross over to his side of the road and to speak with him. He started on jaywalking:  I explained how I was not and then asked if he was going to issue a citation? He said, “No.  It just looked like you had an issue with that guy driving the little red car.”


[Haliwt tosses her hands up to the air and springs open her fingers.]


Haliwt: “Right then—a light pop—I knew it was the patrol officer’s gimmick: to capture females to his office by filing complaint pretension. What would happen to unsuspecting females?! Bodies have yet to be seen. Boast or brag it: they’d still have to show me the bodies for real belief and that’s something I also don’t want to see.”


[Brian is slowly sipping on one of the cups of tea by holding it with both hands, sans saucer, but he quickly places it back down on the table after hearing Haliwt’s last exclamation.]


Brian: “Bodies. You think they’re doin’ it all the time? Do you suppose they just beat them up or...”


[Brian shrugs his shoulder with a grimace.]


Fe Stu HOP 2 HOP 1 Ma Stu


Haliwt: “The wanker driving the car—stalking flasher—is their scapegoat: they do not care about what they are doing because they think they can just blame him. I found out who is he: Mathew Kyle Stuart; his sister is Feona Kay Stuart. She’s a year older than him but she still hasn’t graduated; they’re both in what was Dr. Da Chen’s class: the one I’m trying to instruct.”


Brian: “Why didn’t she graduate? Failed? Or somethin’?”


Haliwt: “Feona is a piece of pseudo intellectual trash: he’s not much better but he is allegedly graduating this year and her too; she played a second string on Karen Reis’ volleyball team.”


Brian: “Do you think they had somethin’ to do with Karen and David’s murder or those UCSD patrols?”


Haliwt: “No or not directly. Feona and Mathew’s grandfather was a surgeon: his only specialty at the VA hospital was murder VETS, steal money. Chronic stealing from the military and the men: all those involved allegedly thought—criminally insane psychotic plotting—they could alibi the stolen money by blaming Dr. Stuart as the bank robber of the bank at my small town, USA... Way back when: a Mr. Stewart did it! Or ‘Mother’ and a little baby Martha did. That bank’s fat roll was mostly from deposits by earnest VETS: and my grandparents.”


[Haliwt picks up a cup of tea and a tea biscuit; she balances the tea saucer on her knee while tilting the cup to her lips; she holds the tea biscuit suspended in air until finally nibbling.  The size of her bite is ridiculously miniscule.]


Haliwt: “Mathew and Feona are just their next intended victims for murder/robbery/identity theft.”


Brian: “Don’t they ever give it up? What a hell...”


[Brian erupts a throated sound of pure disgust.]


Haliwt: “Which one amongst the three—the other Mathew, David, Jonathon Robert Reeves—Navy jet pilots initiated leasing that Coronado condo, I don’t know. It’s irrelevant now:  but the argument starts over electrical billing, rent, property ownership... A despicable woman claiming to be the landlord: fake eviction? The facts found out are from INet news.”


[Haliwt pauses only long enough to inhale deeply.]


Haliwt: “David, Karen, Jonathon and Matt left the Coronado condo to attend  New Year’s Eve partying; upon arriving back at the condo, they first noticed the screen door being slashed—the screen itself cut open—and the door ajar. It was dark inside. The four entered together; one of them flipped on a wall light switch but the electricity was off. Jonathon left for the backside of the condo: to check the electrical breaker box outside. The others stood inside the front doorway entrance until the lights flashed on...”


[Brian motions his head to acknowledge listening intently for encouragement.]


Haliwt: “Suddenly, they heard a gun shot: David, Karen—and Mathew close behind—ran upstairs to David’s bedroom. David got his own gun from a bedside drawer. A second later: a man stepped out from a closet and shot David, then Karen. “Matt” started running back downstairs but was shot at the front door: that Mathew was also a jet pilot or not just a guy from Chula Vista. The finer points tend to be diminished by manic identity thieves, during and after their sadistic murdering sprees.”


[Brian crosses his hands on top of his head; after he starts to lean back on the stool, he abruptly catches himself before falling over backwards.]


Haliwt: “The clocks showed exactly the length of time the electric was off: they were stalked. The lights went out less than one hour before they got back from the party. Neighborhood witnesses said they saw two white males dressed in Sheriff’s deputy uniforms. And only about 20 minutes before the four victims arrived back at the condos: the two men were noticed for the old style Sheriff’s car they were driving. They parked it a very short distance to/from the condos: witnesses reported seeing them park nearby and walking a very short distance to the condos. A front door screen slash to look like a break-in was the alibi for why—if found out— they were at the condos. And they both left—or seemed to leave—the condos right before the other thieves arrived.”


[Haliwt expires burden.]


Haliwt: “And it’s all got to be fact. Because... The INet news showed the real Sheriff at the scene within an hour’s time: Coronado has its own police; the location of the emergency was not for the Sheriff’s Department jurisdiction. SDPD would be responsible if there was lapse by the Coronado PD and not by calling the Sheriff. The Sheriff’s were obviously looting the home by taking crucial evidence without even a plastic wrap to protect it. The INet news video shows them tossing a bed mattress into the back of an uncovered pickup truck. They were stealing the four victims’ personal belongings from inside the condo.”


[Haliwt stands up and leaves the room; only a sound of Haliwt blowing sniffles from her nose is heard before her reentry into the dine area.]


Haliwt: “The murderers are plotted demons who psychotically “thought” they could steal money assumed as left to Karen and David—from the grandfather, Robert Reis—by blaming jet pilot Jonathon because his name was also Robert and Reeves sounds like Reis?! They wanted to rob Jonathon, Mathew, David and Karen... The demons wanted to pick a fight, New Year’s Day: to release their internal turmoil or fester of unwarranted resentment for their physical (mental) deficiency.”


Brian: “Cause civil retardation, civil war, chaos?”


Haliwt: “Exactly. Karen graduated from UCSD less than a year before her murder: she didn’t even make it a full year as a UCSD graduate.”


[Brian’s facial expression is a depreciated frown of skepticism; he clears his throat before speaking.]


Brian: “No way Jonathon went suddenly suicidal, right? I didn’t get that either.”


Haliwt: “Jonathon Robert Reeves was the first one shot—outside the condo—at the electrical box or so said the alleged but demon landlord. The criminal defamation of his personage is the most hideous thing about it: tolerating their criminal defamation perpetuates their decaying crypt.”



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