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Emergency water filtration and/or desalination is best completed by organic osmosis: it is laborious but much safer and filtering supplies are naturally abundant; a person does not have to purchase unbleached paper or filtering cups, even though such luxury items do result a finer quality more akin to whats now considered as a standard (because of mass manufactured bottle water).


Leaves, lava rocks, sand, twigs, wooden limb & branch: contrary to the popular poisondeath inducing toxiccarbonized charcoal is not acceptable for life sustaining water filtration (i.e. *the exception of water filtered exclusively for plants), hence its typically forced upon persons by malicious fraud or hateful ignorance.


Reliable off the rack water filtration supplies are available at many stores: an aluminum mesh (to attract fluoride) fry pan splatter cover is inexpensive yet very valuable as a preliminary filtering stage, as are unbleached paper coffee filters’, natural cotton balls, undyed silk kerchiefs, loosely woven plastic or organic fiber fabric swatches, organic soap nuts, dehydrated brown rice, natural lava rocks, greenpeppermint, chamomiletea bags... The quality (safety) of the final filtered waterwhether its initially from a well, a fresh water source (river, lake, stream, spring) or raw sea wateris mostly determined by the intensity of the labor (effort) dedicated to filtering via osmosis.


Living microbes are not in the water: they are feeding on organic particlesbits of seashell, seaweed or algae, fish feces, other microbesfloating amongst the water. If offering those ferocious eaters something edible through the purification stages by osmosis, they willwithout the physical ability to declinestay behind or pig out on the filter buffets of (both) the sanitary (for persons) organic matter being used to remove the unsanitary (for people) organic matter.


Allowing microbes to smorgasbord is a better approach than attempting a killing with chemical additives: boilingnot before filtering cool water over tea bags, soap nuts, brown ricethe filtered water after the last stage insures the water is safer for consumption. The taste of the finished water differs by the elements used throughout the filtering process and how much of any (or all) chemical/elemental contamination was successfully removed during the varying stages of (assertive labor) osmosis. How much is enough?!


The most reasonable way to decide how much or how safe of water for consumption is necessary to sustain health is considering being alone with nature: no tools, no contraptions, no manmade containers, no mass produced filters, no contrived chemicals nor chemical testing kits and natural water sources only... The answer must be just not much.  


To avoid exposure to Cholera Ebola Malaria (etc.) if/or when drinking a natural water supply without purification, it would be necessary to ingest the fluid off the surface of deeper water far from any shoreline congestion: if a person is fully submerged, it is nearly impossible to drink water! And without manmade containers, retrieval from a body of natural water is equally infeasible: hollowed gourds or reeds used as suctions pipes?! Rather than to just accept the notion that evolution fouls and fails for the support of mankind, a more realistic (sane) conclusion is persons dont really need to drink much water (if any at all): watermelons, cantaloupes... The purified water content of (consistently ingested) fresh fruits and vegetables is most likely enough to sustain health without any additional or exclusive water drinking.


Explicit quantities (and qualities) of water drinking and bathing is a cultural phenomenon that only developed during the 20th (1901-2000)) century. During earlier centuries, minor amounts of water was distilled as fluidswhiskies, wine, beer, medical elixirsand used predominately for skin and mouth washing, wound cleansing and for reconstituting dehydrated (specifically dried meats) foods for cooking.


Drinking water does not cause hydration: it is possible (and common) for persons to still be dehydrated despite ridiculously frequent water drinking. The arteries, veins and capillaries are much like plumbing pipes”: without adequate cardiovascular healthif the arteries, veins and capillaries are being continuously clogged (severely congested or blocked) from consistent (chronic) bulimic ingestion of harmful food stuffsa person cannot (nurture from blood supply) hydrate.


Chronic dehydration disables a persons living: cellular reproduction (growth) and sustenance ability; despite any intake of food/fluid or oxygen, decomposition (gross atrophy) caused by insufficient blood production and circulation is the only condition that can futuristically manifest. The varied stages of death are decomposing (dying), dead (no longer reproducing the genetic value of an individuals own species) and (last but not least) totally deceased... Other (than eating and drinking) activities that can cause extreme cardiovascular damage: capillary destroying long distance peddle biking, running, heavy weight body building precipitate the same self-destructive dehydration.


[* To filter sea water for gardening purposes: dig a smallat least one foot deep by one foot wide, plus the length of a typical garden rowtrench between the planting (or planted) rows; add a layer of sand to the very bottom and then layer (lava the best) rock over the sand... For gardening intentions (only) charcoal can be valuable as a filtering source and the reason is it is highly flammable... Pile twigs, branches, leaves or cuttings from the plants onto the rocks:  after a period of time, the cuttings or foliage debris will dry well enough to ignite the trench; burning sodium chloride in this manner reduces it to a more easily removed and (less or) non-toxic soda ash which reduces the threat of sodium chloride building up within the gardening area soilsneatly rids the area of access dry foliage debrisand replenishes the soil by natural method.]


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