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Perpetuate means to prosper by support or lack of objection. Self-perpetuation can be appreciative or depreciative: cyclic perpetuation is an end result as the beginning of a next act of behavior; this reality is often clarified as a behavioral pattern. Path of destruction or on a roll: momentum can be beneficial, detrimental or a mix of both destructive plus constructive efforts at the same time.


Cognitive realizationan ability to know the outcome of an action prior to culmination of the resultfor each action is not entirely possible because of variable factors: circumstances outside ones control is a practical expression. And the question Do you even know what you are doing?! is also common query: a healthy person comprehends what could be variables to a result prior to dedicating to the behavior (action) manifestation. Think through it! or But I’m thinking it over, anyway: la la. I know what you’re doing... I see it all too clear.  [Music Quote].


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San Diego California (everywhere) USAand every other countryhas perpetuated a cycle of depreciation: tolerating fresh water abuse is no longer feasible. Psychotic behavior (unrealistic or not sustainable and self-destructive) such as daily showers, flushing toilets, (current) public sewer systems, ornamental grass and shrub culturing must be stopped immediately!


A primary reason it has been allowed accumulative festering to the current catastrophe is the complete failure of commerce as combat against mass criminal chaos. Theres not enoughcompetent personsparticipants for the continuance of a capitalistic economy (at this time): the work force of today cannot financially sustain support of independent households due to low wages, no wages, not enough paying jobs and not enough solventsaneconsumers to prosper commerce as a viable option for sustaining livelihood.


Residential real estate is irrationally inflated and businesses cannot earn nor pay the wage rate necessary for workers to manage the unreasonable prices for rentals or home purchases. Consequently, utilitieselectric/gas, telephone, cable: grocers, automobile and apparel manufacturers, household goods producers, public and other services of every sortcorporations, companies, businesses, independent contractors, etc., cannot generate enough income to financially award worker compensation at higher levels or levels high enough to justify the workers employment expenses.


There are not enough persons payingthose who can or do payfor goods and services to defray (divide) the expense (costs) of shelter, food, necessary utilities, transportation and clothing (shoes and socks or even underwear). Affording a job is not feasible for most... And before taxes.


The too expensive rental/purchase homes are a result of crime: property managersprice demandirate, not just unreasonable with relation to earningsis fueled by people who realize affordable as next to nothing. But the populace cannot sustain the stress of maintaining even free homes because of crime: the irrationalitydestructive insensitivityof too many persons is perpetuated by psychotic delusions (or hostile aggression). Fantasy of murder/robbery/identity theftas greater reward than legitimacyhas overruled civil correctness and feasibility...


Law enforcement and the states judicial situationsprivate or falsely perceived personal agendashave consistently aided and abetted criminal chaos: by tolerance, neglect or physical fitness failure. Crime doesnt pay: but the cost of legitimate defense against crime limits defense which promotes an increase in crime.


The majority of entities (businesses, corporations) developed for purposed commercedid and do insteaderroneously resort to crime as a method of sustenance: there were never enough solvent victims. And now?! No one can eat just one eat. (Lays chip): nearly none are left (or next) alone and the huge number of just criminally insaneplotters of murder/robbery/identity theftget rich quick competitors defeats money as a motive for crime. Most individuals do not even know another person who is not also thinking desperately about stealing shelter. For the lack of any feasible reward from crime: the civil retards (criminally insane persons) choose to be criminal or self-destructive as protest for psychological (physical: mental/intellectual) inadequacy. Intentionally abusing natural water supply is the damage they do out of frustration for forcing aggravated confrontation.


It all boils down... to causing greater mass chaos: VIOLENCE. Because of For fifty cents (.50): get a job...is not possible. Grocery and other retail storebanks, credit lenders: specifically utility, cable/telephone servicecorporations cannot be expected to simply sustain the indefinite damages. The danger is increasing as rapidly as the damagesdamns are breaking, the sky is falling: they havent a proper pot to piss in and they (the public majority) do not cause enough rationality to do it, potted or notand every person is only fearful for his/her own life or livelihood.


Realisticallyeven if there were jobs that paid a plentymost people are too psychotic to maintain consistent employment... The lack of health amongst the vast majority initially developed from eating/exercising disorder and by chronic irrational (passive and otherwise) aggression or improper sustenance activity.  Physical fitness failure started during the childhood (beginning at infancy) of most persons and the accumulative result is physically (genetically) reductive brain mass.


What too many people are professing as their own thoughts (HIV/AIDS molecularly induced psychosis): IT is going to be like an Arby commercial; after one night of sleep (overnight), they will wake up to a city located at a world (or planet) with no people. The masses are terrified and frustratedintellectually (physically), financially and opportunistically impoverished to near beyond beliefdue to mass civil (commercial) failure to combat crime: the popular misconception is increasing crime/chaos (escalating  violence) is what will resolve their issues.


More than one too many moose burgers?! Cheeseburger cow milk-shaked overload in pretentious paradise: there are not enough competent persons to support the quality of lifethe US standard of livingnow taken for granted and approximately (80%) eighty percent of the populace at random cannot realize (comprehend) earning (developing: not just  money income) living.




The dirt is too dirty and the illegal grass cannot be green enough: if they could find the air, it is not pure; the rain is too wet, the day is too hot. The sweat of labor is bad: imaginary germs are outrocketingto get everyone and genetic identity is disease. Too much manure: people are willingly eating manure (live culture in yogurt or just say cheese) and most of them think like manure; they only want to murder and to steal the things the targeted victimsthe very few competent enough persons who still (barely) earn a livingproduce. Because there are not enough productive people to support healthy civil development and economic opportunity?!


The people causing (by fantasy or actions to murder/rob/identity theft a person) themselves chronic HIV/AIDS infection (claim to) think they can only benefit if a person is or other persons are dead: its what prospers the HIV/AIDS infection rather than the infected persons own genetic identity. (HIV feeds on corpses or persons fast on the way to being corpses...)


About (80%) eighty percent of the entire population is willinglyeither by cognitive choice for purposes of (a symptom of AIDS: to murder/rob/identity theft the others they imagine are in their lives) trickery or by failing to object to the (civil retardation) actions which support the identity of the HIV infectioncausing chronic HIV infection. But only in their own lives (bodies) and despite any (all) fantastic (delusional) acts of persuasion: an HIV infection can only be developed from within (internally: from hospitality, for lack of objection or by cognitive choice) the cells of very dysfunctional self-deficient persons.


There are a variety of HIV (posthumous bacterium: every bacteria can become viralgenetically regenerativeif conditions for its development support its livelihood) strains amongst the microscopic organisms (identities) which digest decaying matter, such as Tuberculosis (inherent to decaying matter of ruminants: cow or goat), Salmonella (essential to the digestion of waste stuffs from fish/fowl) and Ecoli (which prospers best by the consumption of Salmonella and Tuberculosis but can regenerate itself on rotting plant debris).


An HIV (posthumous bacterium or virus) cannot insert its genetic information into another genetic identity.  Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didnt, didnt already have. And cause never was the reason for the evening or the topic of Sir Galahad... [Music Quote].  By anatomically wrong (erroneous: bad for a person) consistent nutritional/physical and civil gross misbehavior, the unhealthy (atrophying) population compounds the result (by being hospitable one way or another) HIV/AIDS infection.


HIV/AIDS infected people are civil retards: passive/aggressive; they attack by abusing water with no regard for their own living or life. San Diego CA is not going to seem less appealing to those kinds of invaders or actual hostile persons from other states USA, nor to people now situated ruthlessly at even more despondent geographies because of tap water facilitation failure... The safest (realistic) consideration is those (now: already) invading only cause the same (behaviorally deficient) psychotic motives like the delusional persons already here abusively wasting the fresh water supply.


All of them are most likely (based upon statistics) to be just asif not moredemonically delusional: plotting murder/robbery to identity theft as a means (attempt) of avoiding self-support or the necessity of producing their own livelihood; by other words: to steal homes, food, clothing, utility services, transportation, etc. And by acts of both passiveabusive daily showers, toilet flushing, illegal grass and shrub growingand violent aggression. But efforts of mass murder to gain financial supportto earn a livingcannot get the job done: it does not reward an individual with a secure situation; contrarily, the person (s) only realizes greater insecurity until finally starving to death even more miserably. It happens everyday: they had reasons for intentionally doing wrong and those reasons were (are) not sane.


Civil retardation is criminal insanity. For each targeted victim (affluent person), there are about (5) five billion hopeful attackers; at San Diego CA today, the odds... About (80) eighty million to (1) one: San Diego CA is unable to sustain the drought emergency damage most of the residentsthe HIV/AIDS infected delusionalhave caused and are still causing. The lot of its well-being is destined failure: the entire system developed to manage raw sewage is inadequate and destructive; its bad and now its not even feasible for it to continue being so bad.


People are not going to (Arby commercial) vanish overnight: City of San Diego Engineers (or persons acting as from) are insanely intent on disrupting roads and replacing old water necessary sewage pipes/pumps with new water wasting pumps and pipes. They do not think they are insane because of (their own motives) psychotic plots to murder/rob and identity theft engineers?!


So, the right kind of help isnt on the way: that fact is exactly whats encouraged a deluge of like-minded persons, birds of the feather (flocking together) at a place called California; too many Californians already thought being gross imbeciles would prevent other persons from wanting to move here, yet the only people who did not want to move here were the few and proud who could afford to do better. Now, tons of work is necessary to properly set San Diego CA.


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[All the raw sewage (bodily excretions) waste, garbage trash trash or non-recyclables can be burned at a high heat: (steam) emissions can be captured to use for electrical generation to totally eliminate air/water/soil pollution. US National Park Service has developed blow dry toilets (the news reports the Russians are installing dry toilets into trains): no fresh water supply is needed and the electricity necessary for the blow dry capacity is generated by the burn system itself; reference Stockholm Sweden.]


Hard labor work: the non-edible shrubs and illegal grassesFescue, Bermuda, etc.are usurping the underground water that already supplies are water wells and would continue to sustain water wells during the future... It was always illegal to import non-native plants and foreign grasses to San Diego CA and its still ridiculously stupid. People are not ruminantsneither cows nor goatsdespite the genetic influence from chronic (bulimic) infection of ruminant products:  none is how much fescuing grass people need.


Illegal grasses and non-edible shrubbery suck the moisture out of the groundcausing worse soil erosionby the unnatural (for this desert coastal area) consumption of both soil and ground or rain water. The Earths weather conditions cannot change to accommodate irrational people: green grass needs to be destroyed before it destroys the mower growers of it. To force devastation: would they cut their own noses off with hedge trimmers to spite their own faces?! They have been doing just that everyday (for years) already.


Civil Retards (Burger Kings) have it their way and they hate it: the future they are still trying to manifest can only cause greater distress for their own lives; they are choosing death (by inadvertent grasseous suicide) before even trying self-defense or living (life).


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