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The front door to Sheriff Joe's office was open; a young man stood hovering at the door frame peeping to avoid a full and formal entrance: he was a sycophantic deputy at the very end of a narrow and forbidding interior hallway outside of other offices with closed doors. "Sheriff Joe, Sheriff Joe: you aren't going to believe this, sir."


A mature man, 'Sheriff Joe', was seated calmly behind a large utilitarian desk inside the office; three other Sheriff's Department uniformed men were also inside but standing near to where the nervous deputy was fawning at the door well. "Are you trying to tell me what I'm going to do or are you saying it's just too strange and out of the ordinary for me to believe?"


The frantic deputy blurted: "Chief Johnson is dead; he's been shot to death, sir. Patrols Jones and Smith shot him. And two others too." The deputy stared into the office with spastically fluttering eye lids; he formed a bewildered grimace by opening his mouth to gasp for air and then clasped his hands together over his chest.


Sheriff Joe glanced solemnly at the three uniformed men before settling a stern gaze on the deputy. He said, "This is what we're going to do. This guy here, Officer Covall, is going to pat you down to make sure you don't have any unauthorized weapons on your person." He lifted his right hand and pointed his index finger authoritatively towards one of the men still standing defensively near the desperate deputy at the door.


Officer Covall immediately responded by bending down to touch the shoes and pant legs of a suddenly passive but still panicky deputy; the deputy's teeth were fixed in bottom lip bite as professionally aloof Covall worked his hands efficiently over the deputy. He removed two sets of keys, a wallet and some loose coins from the deputy's pockets, then deposited the items into a small plastic bag.


"And that man, Officer Tellar, he's going to write down your story; he's a stenographer and you get to make sure he gets it right, okay? But first you're going to come in here and sit down at the desk." The frisk satisfied Covall nudged the deputy towards a chair at the front of Sheriff Joe's desk.


"This last nice guy, Officer Pasquali, he operates a tape recorder: just in case you don't think Officer Tellar wrote it down right later on." Sheriff Joe offered a chagrin smile to the room and inhaled deeply before asking the deputy, "Where are the bodies, the dead men's corpses?"


The despondent deputy collapsed onto the chair and whispered, "Inside Chief Johnson's SUV outside; I drove it back here and parked it out front. I didn't do it: I don't even have a gun. Jones and Smith shot them and then helped me get 'em into the SUV."


Sheriff Joe reacted to the deputy's barely audible statement by placing his elbows on to the desktop and covering his mouth with his hands before sighing sorrowfully; after dropping his hands down to the desktop with a rapid thud, he asked "What is your name young man? You say Johnson was your chief, so what's your position? What is your job assignment: name, job."


The startled deputy meekly replied "Hardy, Harold Heath; Harry Heath Hardy. My dad was in the US Army. I'm assistant investigator of reported non-violent incidences and circumstances that cause or could cause public hazard; Chief Johnson was my supervisor."


Sheriff Joe abruptly stood up: "These three officers are going to keep on attending to you while I go check your name, job and to find out if there's an SUV out front with three dead men in it. Do you have the keys to the SUV? You said you drove it here: from where is what you're going to explain to these officers while I'm gone. I need the keys to Johnson's SUV."


Covall quickly placed the clear plastic sack containing the items removed from Harry's pockets onto the desktop between Sheriff Joe and Harry. Sheriff Joe nodded his head towards the sack: "Which set of keys are to Johnson's SUV? Pick it out and hand it to me, Harry."


Harry's fingers conspicuously trembled as he reached inside the bag to remove a set of the keys; his arm seemed frail as he lifted it up towards Sheriff Joe: after snatching the keys from Harry's quivering palm, Sheriff Joe left the office with a dignified stride.


Covall and Pasquali pulled chairs up to the desk from out of a corner; Covall sat down next to Harry while Pasquali elaborately set up a tape recorder on the desktop: Tellar seated himself smugly in Sheriff Joe's chair to face Harry with an open notebook and pen.


Pasquali said "Ready." He sat down at the other side of Harry; Harry timidly glanced from side to side before fixing his attention on Tellar. "So start from the very beginning; how did it going on?" Harry relinquished a low moan before answering Tellar's question.


"Well, it all started with Toady from the mail room; Chief Johnson always called him 'Toady' because he looks kind of like a frog: I didn't think he looked like a frog until Chief Johnson mentioned it and then after that, sure, he did look a little froggy to me too. I don't know what his name really is: his tag just says T. Thompson."


Harry paused with caution. Tellar said, "Keep going. I write fast. I got it." Harry fretted a look at Covall and Pasquali; both men smiled courteously to encourage Harry to continue.


"Toady told me he got a letter for Sheriff Joe from a woman that lived at San Diego; even though the letter was addressed to Sheriff Joe: Toady didn't want to give it to Sheriff Joe until after an investigation... I didn't feel right about but he said he just couldn't give it to him first."


Harry tensed himself to straighten his slumped seated posture: "It's about these giant lizards out at Gila Bend near the Space Age Cafe. He said she was writer: like a scientist kind of person; the letter is from Ms. Haliwt Ennovy Greberf. I still have it inside my desk."


From the road... Space Age Cafe\


Tellar said “Excuse me a second, Harry.” He swiveled Sheriff Joe’s chair in a backward turn to face an undersized refrigerator set off to one side of the desk: after opening its’ small door, he turned his head towards the three other men and asked, “Water?” Pasquali raised his hand and Covall replied “Sure. I’ll take one.”


Tellar stretched up from the chair to hand small bottles of water over towards Paquali and Covall, then spun the chair back around to stare curiously at Harry. “Harry, water? Yea or nay guy?” Harry frowned apathetically; his head wobbled weakly as he mumbled “No thanks. I’m afraid I’d throw up.” Tellar gasped “Oh! Okay. So, go ahead with explaining what you think happened. I’m ready again.”


Harry abruptly determined himself to a forceful statement: “I didn’t think they looked like lizards; they look lizard. It’s not my imagination.” Harry slapped his own forehead several times before exhaling to a pause. The other three men glanced at each other with their eyes only: Covall poised his top teeth out over his bottom lip and Pasquali’s nose tweaked a one-sided flair as the two finally settled their stare on the spontaneously pucker-lipped Tellar.


Harry said “I’m getting ahead of it; I’m sorry. So, it’s more like a report than a letter; it has all these different photographs of lizards with technical names listed. Like ‘Heloderma Horridum’ commonly called ‘Gila Monster’... But the lizards she saw were at least ten times the size of Gila and they were not Gilas. Her VW Golf was parked at the front of the Space Age Cafe: they came up there and surrounded her car; she said they were nearly the same length as the Golf and about half the width of it”. 


“One had a yellow belly and one had a red belly, but she couldn’t find an exact known description for their appearance kind by researching; she suggested they might be a variation of Giant Monitor lizards with distant Komodo Dragon relatives or 'Varanus Megalania Prisca'. That’s what they sort of looked like: she said it was possible their bellies had been painted for tracking purposes; maybe they were “propagated” as a unique species variation but escaped from scientists or game wardens.”


Harry widened his mouth and clinched his front teeth together; he pleaded with a wild-eyed glare from one man to the others. He tilted his chin defiantly before continuing his struggle against misunderstanding. “But from the way they surrounded her car: she said it was obvious they were accustomed to being fed from vehicles. Like how bears at Yellow Stone recognize motorists as possible food sources: she said one of her concerns is the giant lizards might be eating motorists; you know? Or people.”


Harry’s anxious demeanor beseeched a need for urgency amongst them. After more than a moment of somber silence, Tellar finally said “Harry, this is a deposition; your sworn affidavit. None of us are allowed to say anything to encourage or discourage you; we can’t lead or mislead you. I’m only allowed to write down what you say happened or is happening; figuring it out goes on later: after you tell the rest of what you know as the truth, okay? We’re not allowed to be shocked, dismayed or disbelieving of what you have to say.”


Pasquali and Covall sipped on their water bottles during Tellar’s declaration; they avoided any overt attention to Harry as he rasped a sound deep inside his throat and then said, “She sent a sketched image of what one might look like; she said it’s what could happen because of evolution. If the giant lizards were eating people, most likely their eggs would be mutated or they could hatch as for real lizard people. Each female lizard can lay as many as 100 eggs at a time!”


Harry affected a dignified snoot. “But we didn’t go OUT THERE to look for lizard people; the main objective was what patrols from Bureau Of Land Management called ‘Indigenous Lizard Search’ or Operation ILS. Straight off—after I got approval from Chief Johnson—I called BLM; they said I sounded kind of “wacko” and I needed to have my immediate supervisor call them. So, Chief Johnson called them too: and then we all got together to form a posse for Operation ILS.”


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