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UPDATE: June 04, 2017


The lock-out crime that occurred at my (then not now) residence 9229 Regents Road L222, La Jolla CA 92037 (January 27, 2016): the attackers weren't only trying to steal my (well over $100,000 worth) self-employment property and rent paid for home; the career criminal felony false pretense 'acting under the color of law' HIV/AIDS (radioactive) RABID (criminal frauds) gang aka San Diego Police Department, San Diego Sheriff's Department, San Diego FBI-USDOJ alias 'Court Bureau Services'...


There was a scheduled maintenance to fix a deliberately caused water (from the 3rd floor unit L322) leak in my (L222) bathroom ceiling; the maintenance was going to remove a portion of my bathroom ceilingwhich would cause an opening to the L322 unituntil the repair was complete.


It seemed likely January 27, 2016 was going to be the day because of all the many notices from no one posted January 26, 2016 onto my front door; I left home the morning of the 27th to go exercise at my usual 6:00 AM time: I took a backpack with my laptop and few changes clothes just in case a lock-out crime occurred.


The hateful maliciousrotten to the core diseasedjealous demons who pretend to be FBIaided/abetted by the defunct but as rotten SDPDagents broke into my home during the scheduled maintenance.


The whole psychotic gang of them pawed and pandered over my belongings during an "inventory" for the SD Sheriff's Department before moving my property down the hallway into a unit at the opposite end of the Regents La Jolla (2nd floor: 3rd above the parking garage) 'L' building.


The majority of my things were stolen from L222 and moved down the hall into the unit that (then) had 'FBI' listed as an Internet WiFi registration: moving my things down the hallway was their alibi (disguise) for moving in, "Ms. Freberg's things from storage", ONE and A HALF (1 1/2) MILLION US DOLLARS (CASH) that is US Treasury bank security cash stolen during an armored vehicle robberyand the murder of a bank security detail officerin Mexico.


To trick me and/or other people into forcing entry at L222to lie about the disappearance of my belongings and damages they did to L222they left my flower pots on the balcony of L222: and I'm still getting telephone calls from the Regents La Jolla front security gate.



[As of one week ago: my personal/professional self-employment property and the stolen US Treasury bank security cash was still locked inside the unit at the very opposite end of the Regents La Jolla L222 hallway.]



A representative for the "Mexican workers" at Regents La Jolla said, "Se, senorita; we moved your things down there... There was a hole in your ceiling." He mentioned my many boxes of CASH: "You will have to break in; we do not have a key."



[It is NOT my cash... I've notified the US Treasury, OCC-FDIC: recovery does not support ownership; it is the US Treasury's stolen bank security cash. It is 'invalidated' for bank deposit by serial number regulation to identify stolen bank security cash.


The 1 1/2 million US dollars (cash) cannot be validated by bank depositing: this is one of the reasons alleged FBI-USDOJ employees psychotically plotted bombing the Bank Of America ("BOFA") and not just at the La Jolla Plaza BOFA location, San Diego CA.]



The fly-maggoted faggotsmales who think like jealous old maids: sly fly alleged 'US Marshal' mold rotted big cheeseswho carried the boxes of 'Ms. Freberg's recovery' stolen US Treasury bank security cash into the Regents La Jolla 'L' building (January 27, 2016), then locked the alleged FBI-SDPD-SDSD aka 'Court Service Bureau' murderous mutilation freaks out of both the 'L' units too. "You will have to break in (again)."


They dangled the boxes of cash like golden carrots to secure Regents La Jolla apartment homes of their own for nothing but promising a future of Mexican worker mega-money: if or when there's a break in for ANARCHY!?


Theythe felony false pretense 'acting under the color of law' insurgency pretending to be the SDPD, SDSD, FBI-USDOJ aka 'Court Service Bureau' and BOFA employeestry to force "Mexican workers" "criminal vagrants" and "illegals" to protect them from each other: it's not physically possible; they would not protect them (Americans) and not even if they could.


And yet the criminally insane insurgencyalong with US Military enlisted officersgive them the property, homes and cash money they steal from Americans: but the "Mexican workers" "criminal vagrants" and "illegals" cannot use or enjoy the stolen property either; they want protection from each other too.



[They all premeditated a murderous assault against me at my home to steal well over $100,000 worth of my self-employment property (belongings) and then ('Quantico' style) gave my thingslingerie, size -00- silk pants, custom Thomas Moser furniture, fine linens, customer snack bars, jars of honey, skin care/massage work supplies, Prada size -7- shoes, etc., or what took me over 30 years to earn by legitimate hard physical tax-paying laborto not legally identifiable "Mexican workers" "illegals" "criminal vagrants" and to force illegal (by theft) guardianship because...


They are going to murder them too, someday?! The HIV/AIDS rabid get a malicious diseased hateful jealous thrill by trying to destroy an affluent person and affluence itself: no one else seems to object to their criminal insanity; the public majority cannot earn any affluence either or most of them (also) only hope to impossibly steal wealth.


Documented fact: civil retards cannot actually think or generate original thought; they do not produce or sustain enough brain mass (grey matter) to process and apply reason. They are not physically capable of understanding or causing compassion for civil value decency: they overtly declare empathy as an extraordinary (special) "god-like" feat.


(Command a dog to do the emails... CAT scan result: it's not possible.) Regurgitating premeditated pretention they've learned from other HIV/AIDS rabid retards is not thinking; they also cannot generate any real (proton light-heat) energy.


There is only one incredibly tiny proton generating star: multiple stars do not actually exist; the one single proton star did not create Universe... The Universe, Life or 'God' is the result of uncontrolled thus controlled physical development: life is an infinitely unintentional evolution of physics without any stagnated master plan.


What the Universe (God) can do is limited by the physical ability of the one tiny proton generating star and then physics: life is limited by it's own physical ability as energetic matter generated from "pure energy". The one teeny tiny proton generating star cannot possess an identity; it's own identity isliterally: no place valueless than nothing (ta da!)...


GodUniverse, life, a sun, a planet, spacecannot give the ability to create it's own life; creating just itself is the best IT can do and it cannot do do as or for others. The real IT is not an imposter or gang of imposters inside HIV/AIDS rabid heads: outside space energy cannot respond to delirious demon dictation, "I told you to kill hers in mine."


IT cannot kill or create others: God, Life, Universe cannot have others to kill and it also cannot really listen; it cannot listen as methere is no IT as me: there are no others added up to contrarily pretend for ITor listen as anyone else. And no IT has my one woman alone '21 Chromosome' self to create or kill; it's a reality FACT that cannot physically change.


Apparently, trying to be only (hateful) ever vanishing space contamination is a primary goal for HIV/AIDS rabid civil retards or 'Humans'. But despite any efforts, the HIV/AIDS rabid just cannot command or add up as space and spaced out things.


External space cannot actually contain any identity or intellectual information and not even historied identification of basic elements: space or 'IT' cannot kill for them; any deaths related to storms are only incidental.


Regardless for reality, the HIV/AIDS rabid imagine adding up their despicable selves to send off through space like radioactive space junk contamination clouds: after delusioning an invasion of a chosen victim's life, they pretend being in someone else's life for murdering whatever it is they've concluded as storm included.


The public majority psychotically believes planting evil seeds inside the lives of others is possible: consequently, they persist with totally failing to live (or cause) their own lives as anything other than HIV/AIDS rabid retards.


The HIV/AIDS rabid look and act like ZOMBIES; they've decided they are better than people to trick and fool others to death: they cannot causedo not causeinherent physical (genetic) abilities as people by any/all effort.


Individually and collectively, the HIV/AIDS RABID are incredibly STUPID, DUMBER THAN DIRT DUMB: every response from them is intended to trick others to death and despair.


The HIV/AIDS RABID have destroyed (the genetic information to be a man or woman) the '21 Chromosome' in their own lives: one real reason is/was their decision for someone or something else to kill them inside a different or other life form; THEIR LIVES WERE ONLY THEIR OWN ACTUAL (PHYSICAL) BODIES... "She can kill me in hers."


"You all are DEAD in your own lives for thinking you could get into mine." ONE LIFE CANNOT GET INTO ANOTHER LIFE: the press-media and medical industry presents contrary propaganda to promote HIV/AIDS rabidity amongst the public for the sake of their own HIV/AIDS rabidity.



[Thankfully, I can never be one of the fly maggots feeding inside their hideously diseased (ugly) selves: beyond righteous refusal, I cannot get into them; they do not have me (and cannot get me) to stick up their stinky rotten asses.


Right on: I HATE HATE HATE how are their irrationally egotistical selves. But I have every legally fit reason to despise those demon bastard and bitches; with every breath they try to take, oxygenby it's own physical limitations and their own determinations—can only gas the psychotic demons into definite (death) decession.]



The medical authorities ['WHO' 'CDC'] justify "using it" (?!) to kill people because they blame the genetic information to be a person, the '21 Chromosome', for how mutant HIV/AIDS rabid 'Humans' behave: to support biblical Genesis, the onset of desecration (blame) is/was meat eating.


It's grossly irrational and unfair to blame a person for how are HIV/AIDS rabid mutant individuals: it's not realistic psychotic; only genetic mutant retards have a "DNA corrector off to the side", despite their "we all" we we...


Medical credentials or not: it's still HIV/AIDS RABIDITY and theyas a "community of medical professionals"do not have the physical strength to force HIV/AIDS rabidity onto me or IT (regardless of their stupid gang rape delusions); no deaths are more rapid than the miserable deaths of those who pretend to be more influential than truth itself.


Despite their HIV/AIDS rabid psychotic delusions: a person is not an empty bottle that can be filled with anyone or everyone's sewer water vomit; people are not bacterium adding up inside a giant IT or his/her life... Humans pretending that's what's happening is called HIV/AIDS rabidity.


None of them were/are physically capable of creating external moons, suns, planets and star floating space: what they've made is HIV/AIDS RABIDITYcancerous malignant [earthworm, fly maggot, mosquito larvae, ant farm] tumorsinside their own grossly decayed and only rotting bodies. And for each one who caused self-inflicted HIV/AIDS rabidity: that same one did not create HIV/AIDS rabidity inside another one's life.


But the HIV/AIDS rabid cannot give a "straight" answer: everything they do or say is to trick others into allowing them to steal what they cannot actually steal; they believe they can trick others into thinking a diseased idiotic (mentally-physically retarded) individual can live as another but better person by murdering, robbing, identity theft-destroying the life and earnings of a healthy (other) person: but only to steal what cannot be stolen by destructive theft.


They lie about affluent identities picking their decayed worthless selves to be the affluent identity in order to rob the affluent identity of what the HIV/AIDS RABID aren't even able to steal: they cannot realize a living personage and wealth generation is an ongoing production.


They are not capable of honestly communicating to others: they lie to everyone to solicit help with attacking a person; they try to infect others with HIV/AIDS rabidity by the power of psychotic persuasion.


As if they were "calling all the shots": the HIV/AIDS rabid declare everyone will think people or persons are/were slaves that only earned wealth for the HIV/AIDS RABID to impossibly steal; the press/media "news" supports the irrationality of attempting identity theft and wealth destruction to afford attention from a public majority of gross civil retards.


The HIV/AIDS RABID cannot independently apply reason or think; they cannot appreciate persons or living as personages at all. They certainly cannot pick another person to be what it is they consider as themselves: even HIV/AIDS rabidity has to be developed (produced) or it cannot exist either.



[TYF 2015: "The only thing worse than cleaning up your own poop is asking someone else to clean it up for you." But (some) US Navy nursesvia their own pressdisagree; being adult is not something they can manage to do. After grossly adding insult to their chronic injury causing, they want their filthy messes cleaned by others while they only pose pouts with their flabby lower lips.]



The HIV/AIDS RABID do not uphold or honor property ownership rights: because they do not want to be responsible and cannot really be responsible for property or money of their own. They constantly imagine the hostile takeover of another person's life is going to be a possible future, consequently: they do not want any wealthy person to be allowed the enjoyment benefit or even the possession of his/her own rightful (property) earnings.


"Is there going to be a problem with making deposits?" But "Well, there shouldn't be..." does not mean there is not, tricky tricky: according to the HIV/AIDS RABID, they are only (at least swallowing) eating the corpses of deceased people to trick others into murdering people to eat those deceased victims.


HIV is the posthumous bacterium that can become a virus (viral) if it has corpse tissue to consume: all the HIV/AIDS RABID individuals (75%-90% of the total population) want people eaten; sans objection (other than mine), it's now an accepted worldwide circumstance...


Bacterium are cannibals: the '21 Chromosome' (the genetic species Homo Sapien information) breaks down to simple cell 'Amoeba' inside the lives of the individuals who have murdered or tried to murder (people) persons; amoebas/amebas are cannibals.


What they consider as their own imagination or "our way" is called HIV/AIDS molecularly induced (psychosis) RABIDITY: it only exists inside each one HIV/AIDS rabid head, despite the delusion of that being a head of others: HIV/AIDS rabidity is a dummy syndrome; they want to live like scrounging bacterium AIDS with HIV as the radioactive dictator.


But their desire to get inside someone else's life to take over another identity is a result of misunderstood radioactive contamination: it is not a bacterium motivated delusion; even viral bacterium cannot independently travel. Malignant cancer cells do seem to travel inside the blood streams of the HIV/AIDS rabid: AIDS feed on decayed red blood cell flotsam floats during the cancerous aggressor's bleeding parody parade.


The HIV/AIDS RABID are a malicious gang of spoiled rotten sports: like mentally retarded BRATS; if they cannot have what they really do not want when they demand it, everything and everyone should die miserably because they can only be miserable at pretending to be people.


They do not want to be people: they hate how is living as persons; they do not want to work, they do not want to walk, they do not want to eat fruits and vegetables...


The HIV/AIDS rabid (verbatim: one by one) chronic demand, "You should be willing to die for ME, so I can pretend to be you." (NO THANKS: it's NOT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE!)


The HIV/AIDS rabid demand for one to die so others can pretend to live as the same one is the HIV/AIDS rabid individuals' justification for the theft of money they cannot really steal from intended victims.


Otherwise, they all consistently conclude it's necessary to pretend they do not hate how are the other HIV/AIDS rabid individuals in order to cause toleration for themselves; they say "their" HIV/AIDS RABID SHIT does not stinkyet it STINKS LIKE A HELL DEVIL anywayno matter what demon did the dump or which one tries to force them all to eat it.


Because they all chose HIV as their own first person "me" self: to pretend control over AIDS or mysterious others. All the HIV/AIDS rabid are genetically dead as men or women; they are not going to metamorphosis as the flies, mosquitos, earthworms and antsnot in physical form or not by intellectual awareness—that are festering (and feeding) inside their lives (bodies) as malignant tumors.


The extent of their own lives was their own bodily forms: the body is the mind or an individual is mindless; whatever it is they thought they were making as their life or "universe", it never went any further than the inside of their own actual (physical) bodies. HIV/AIDS cannot space travel: (viral or not yet) bacterium cannot physically move through space to invade anything.


The demonic (demented) creation of the HIV/AIDS RABID is all inside their own heads: it cannot be uncontainedone cannot make a life or force a diseased life onto another: radioactivity can bombard against outside space but not identities; radioactivity does not have a genetic identity of any sortdespite their pretensions to control whomever, whatever or wherever with diseased delusions.


"You are such a good sport, Yvonne." Ha Ha: some of the "retired" US Air Force officers said they thought their little "joke" (?!) was only to rob me; harming me is not just the reason for why they tried to add up whatever nastyas an untold insider jokegarbage for a heavenly escape from the hell they made with their own lives.


Otherwise or so farbecause "others pretend to be us" (?!)the US Military (by criminal negligence) refuses obligatory duties to uphold civil order at the USA. But more than quite a few US military officers did include themselves in a demented (criminally insane) gang assault against (me) one woman alone and not just to attempt the theft of 1 1/2 million dollars worth of stolen US Treasury bank security cash.


Their psychotic agenda—to reap reward from stealing even more mega money they imagine as restitution funds for their cause of damages: their delusion that's intended to trick (fool) otherswas to jealously inflict death and destruction by trying to force one woman alone to kill them for them; by their own testimony, it's supposedly how they fight battles abroad...


(Reality: (I) one woman alone cannot be used to kill for others; it's not physically possible. I cannot actually develop HIV/AIDS rabidity: and not even if I was murdered; no matter how strong others believe they are making HIV/AIDS rabidity to be for invasion, all such efforts are still just wasted wicked wantonness.)


The US Military has not expressed the decency to be ashamed of their own officers: obviously (at this point), they consider a whole HIV/AIDS rabid gang of US Military officers insanely attacking one woman alone is a fairly acceptable felony assault, if they imagine there is more steal than just her extra small panties.]



BOFA illegally debited my checking account $5924.44 to LIE about my buying the Regents La Jolla apartment unit as a condo from a murdered Mexican man: it's a criminally insane excuse for why they're all stealing my self-employment property and stealing it by hiding it inside the last northwest end (next to the stairwell and security gate at the opposite end of L222) unit on the same Regents La Jolla 'L' building floor...


Because they are also trying to steal the bank account identity of the murdered Mexican man! They do not have access to my property locked inside the apartment, but they LIE about him owning it as a condo and then tried to lie about me buying it: and not just to LIE about the disappearances (murders) of other BOFI-BOFA employees.


BOFA employees LIE about his money deposits being "mortgage" money BOFA paid to his account for a non-existent but illegal (regardless) mortgage to enable the grand theft larceny of his bank account balance.



[I did not "buy" a Regents La Jolla apartment as a condo: not means no. BOFA's contrary LIE was to alibi stealing even more money from me; BOFA employees' appetite for stealing money for nothing is absurdly insatiable and specifically insane when considering 'MLIF' is stealing whatever BOFANS try to steal... MLIF has only refused to return money stolen by BOFA employees to the BOFA accounts from which money was stolen.]



And he's not the only deceased man for whom BOFA is poorly speaking: alleged ISIS members entered Regents La Jolla as uniformed 'Pest Control' during November-December 2015; they were "deployed" for the removal of the illegal occupants pretending to be "owners" on the Regents La Jolla 'L' building's 4th (5th above the parking garage) 'Concierge' floor.


'Pest Control' got locked into the 'Concierge' level and could not get out; they (goner) piled up as deceased too, amongst the other illegal occupants they weren't able to physically remove: Regents La Jolla's 'Mexican Mafioso Maids' were assigned to chop chopping but for whatever reason? Garbage sacks filled with people influenced bits and pieces has apparently not happened yet (or again).


This was/is the psychotic plot according to the idiotic HIV/AIDS RABID gang of demons illegally occupying the Regents La Jolla 'L' building 3rd floor (4th above the parking garage): all of them only realize benefit if people are murdered, robbed, identity theft destroyed to enable impossible grand theft larceny benefits because of their HIV/AIDS (radioactive) RABID psychosis.


The Regents La Jolla 'L' building 3rd floor (4th above the parking garage) occupants didn't want anyone being able to enter the homes they are stealing from the 4th floor (5th above the parking garage): and to enable the theft of murdered Mexican Nationals' BOFA bank accounts, they are all LYING about the apartment units being sold as condos to Mexican Nationals.


Many of the Americans only hope to mutilate their own faces/handsspecifically the career criminal "FBI" agents and bank employees: they are/were already unattractive in every waywith clothing irons to enable lies about such hideous wounds being the result of an on the scene bank bombing: or gross dementia to alibi identity theft destruction pickings from any number of victims.


They demonically imagine causing HIV/AIDS rabidity to happen for chosen other victims by forcing an impossible possessive (possession) relationship "we are her/his/its'..." for fake this/that to enable the theft of money they cannot actually possess in persona; their chronic expression of (personage) identity is as a dead commodity that can be stolen, trashed (depleted) and then traded in for another one.


The Mexicans down at Mexico are shown pictures of the "renovated" Regents La Jolla units to alibi the ongoing murder/robbery identity theft destruction grand theft larceny real estate fraud that 'BOFI' BENEFITS NO ONE.


Every time any one of them manages to occupy a home, they all thrash it; they smear feces for which they scrounge on the walls and deliberately clog the kitchen sinks with rotting food. 'Psycho' 'Norman Bates': they always try to keep a corpse in a closet; they consider fine clothing to be only valuable as bait for enticing additional victims.



[I'm still trying to recover my stolen self-employment property: my new home here at Kingman AZ is plush beautiful and (at this time) safely secure but rather empty. I did NOT—am not, will not—marry a MEXICAN man: NOT MEANS NO WAY never; no lie. I legally divorced my one and only blonde- haired American husband over 30 years ago: he was murdered approximately 10 years after our no contest divorce, so?! It's too late now.]



I've contacted the US and Mexican authorities (militaries), NATO, INTERPOL, United Nations and many news/media associates to plead (at least) for 'Universal Law' to be upheld: despite the US/Mexican Governments' (military law enforcement) overt and irrationally malicious (hatefully negligent) failure.


As each one victim suffers subjective stalking: the HIV/AIDS (radioactive) RABID serial attackers' delusion is murdering one enables demonic individuals to murder everyone/everything decent and to then pretend via the TV-Internet news (media) how grotesque is/was a deceased 'lone wolf' as many other wolves, except there is no such condition of one as another or others; such pretension is commonly categorized as (foul) 'acting'.


It's psychotic propaganda paraded by media daily and it smells like cesspool couture: it doesn't produce the goods and services money should buy; it won't put food on tables and it doesn't manufacturer cooking supplies. Psychotic plotting propaganda perpetuates greater civil retardation or mass civil intellectual and financial deficiency.


According to the alleged "authorities" or 'Rabid Rebel Retards Without A Real Cause': a flow of assailants will try to "BREAK IN" and during each Regents La Jolla 'L' building flash mob criminal siege, they will scratch, claw, bite, eye gouge, stab, hang, shoot and/or mutilate themselves to death, but they will never get it.


Because it didn't even have to happen: they could just pretend it did by presenting psychotic irrational (criminally insane) LIES about all hell happening; they could transfer blame and shame to an imaginary endless stream of unsuspecting but perceived as richer victims to earn NO REAL REWARD.


No doubt, criminal vagrants or career criminals are trying to "break in" and most likely many fantasize about being a flash mob, but they won't murder each other: they just want everyone to be limited to their own mental (physical) retardation to afford continued retardation.


They hate how are each other but they tolerate other civil retards to trick those violent villains into tolerating themselves too: because they also cannot behave civilly.


The 'Humans' do not want civil or smart behavior to be considered as valuable or even necessary for survival: they do not want living to require being smart enough to live; they psychotically think they can live by picking others to be or by not earning (a living) personage at all.


They want all the civil retards to murder civil retards for trying to steal what they want to steal: and yet they do not want civil retardation curtailed because of the deplorable grand theft larceny behavior they also want to commit; but they really only want to steal for the sake of stealing.


None of them really want or even understanding caring about whatever it is they are all trying to steal: the public majority at large refuses to tolerate anyone being successful or smart because they are diseased; what they want is to be diseased.


HIV/AIDS RABIDITY IS NOT AN INTELLEGENT CONDITION. IT'S DISEASED: it can only exists long enough to deplete a single food supply (one retard at a time); the HIV/AIDS rabidity going on in one life is not the exact same one viral gang going on inside another retard, despite the lack of any intellectual distinction from one HIV/AIDS rabid retard to the next.


One pardon after another... Excuse "our" bloodshed while "we" murder Americans to thrash this/that (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria to name a few) country too: it's a criminally insane agenda to commit grand theft larceny for the sake of degrading money earning and property ownership to worthless.


The US Military has relied on paying Americans to produce the goods/services the military wastes by destructive and disrespectful consumption: to justify senselessly murdering, robbing, identity theft-destroying those Americans and whether or not the Americans are US veterans.


The US Military doesn't even have the decency to be ashamed about their enlisted officers attacking my personage, my work, my self-employment property: because those officers were also trying to steal US Treasury bank security cash to alibi the perpetuation of more overt civil violence by theft.


Collectively/individually: they've obviously concluded if they can just do no right thing to correct their wrong (incredibly stupid) behavior before theyas a mysterious gang of delusional otherserode into only slimy sea bottomed scum, they can impossibly benefit from whatever it is they cannot understand but want to (regardlessly) destroy.


The HIV/AIDS rabid fantasy of murdering, robbing, identity theft destroying one person alone to impossibly get rich and appreciated quick is apparently what they all consider as their only life saving event: the highlight of their lifetime is the culmination of irrationally evil degradation of personage.


More than one male assailant at the San Diego CA area dementedly decided he could LIE about being the same man I legally divorced over 30 years ago: one said he "Jim" worked with "US Marshals" to do home invasion robbery "eviction" grand theft larceny murders and identity theft destructions because "they get to keep the stolen property they recover". LIE! WRONG...


But his (thinning and greying hair) was blonde: he thought he could LIE about being my ex-husband who was murdered almost twenty (20) years ago because he had a pair of stolen 'cowboy' boots to wear; another blonde haired idiot demon pretending to be a desk clerk at the SDPD 'Northern Division' was also persuaded to think he could "Jimmy".


SDPD or US Marshals are NOT allowed to keep (steal) stolen "recovered" property: it's a felony classified 'grand theft larceny' crime. But they think they can also LIE about an individual being entitled to theft of property belonging to a spouse; a spouse is not legally allowed to steal, take or haveby forced felony possession assault or any other non-legal designationthe property of the other spouse (male or female).


The hoped for result of consistent rabid retard rebellion seems to be: only diabolical (psychotic) plotters of malicious demonic degradation will survive to pretendwhat each one said they said we said he said she saidMALARIA.


They don't care about objection because they believe each one gets a turn dictating for all: for the love of Jesus or their hatred for others of their kind, it's their biblical prophecy 'Armageddon' manifestation...



[What is a way of life to earn no livelihood: ("BOFI") 'Bureau Of Federal Investigation' FRANTIC FRAUD with a devil incarnate aka 'James Comey' at the helm of hideous half-wits while "associates" of the US press act as a towful procession of psychotic idiots who think using (what they consider as) "his" (HIV/AIDS RABID) life will enable them to steal stolen US Treasury bank security cash stashes all around the world.]



A huge deposit of BLAME (sans cash reward) belongs to the BOFI BOFA or 'BOFANS': their collective intellectual deficiencyshameful repetitive declarationis tolerating personage by bank fraud allowance only; they consistently cause the destruction (loss) of everything they try to steal.


To enable BOFI BOFA employees' theft of funds as "commission", the public is covertly solicited to murder affluence by committing identity theft-destruction grand theft larceny banking and real estate fraud (felony) assaults against any affluent persons.


Many individuals are being tricked into spending their own money to "renovate" homes they do not and cannot ever own: they are persuaded to be foolishly insane big spenders of what they have been convinced is someone else's money they are being bank allowed to steal.


As BOFA debt adds up: they all persist with insanely thinking robbing one can remedy their psychotic rabidity; the BOFI delusion is a lie about robbing BOFA employees to pay 'Paul' for 'Peter The Rabid' enables robbing one for no one rational (real) reason.


The BOFA-BOFI bank employeeswith their own funds compounded by their demonic delusionsare the leaders of loss for the sake of stupidity: according to them, no insanely illegal debit is grossly unfair because their dementia is intended to rob (themselves included) everyone to death.


BOFANS either do not care what damages they suffer themselves or they cannot realize trying to destroy any opportunity for affluence is harmful dementia: the majority of the population goes along with it because they are convincedequally as delusionalit's all about robbing some other guy double down, like HIV/AIDS rabid dummies or puppets on the strings of radioactivity space junk.


The ongoing perpetuation of violent assault is evidently initiated by BOFANS' irrational desperation for alibis and/or aides: to force gross financial deprivation as an effort to murder affluent identities, BOFANS refuse to uphold the US Constitution as the decided restriction for what BOFANS are allowed to do.


The intensity of the insanity expressed by most BOFA employees leads to the frustration of thinking a baseball bat applied assertively to their demonic heads or a swift hard kick to shove their sniveling nose bones into their diminished but still smugly retarded brains is the only solvent solution for rational relief.


The BOFANS trying to murder one to murder or manipulate everything to death with secondary ego maniac regurgitation of what idiots want to say an envied one said is HIV/AIDS (radioactive) RABIDITY: it's historically documented as a borrowedfrom one generation or era to the nextBOFAN trait amongst the dysfunctional individuals who mysteriously involve at least temporary (short term) BOFA employment before being BOFI-ed to death themselves.


Not all decomposing individualsthose causing atrophy or even gross "aged" atrophydevelop HIV/AIDS (radioactive) RABIDITY: it's fairly restricted to individuals who engage or act out on delusional fantasies to murder, rob, identity theft-destroy a person for impossible and irrational grand theft larceny reward.


Contrary to the popular belief, HIV infection is not developed from invasion or invasive rape technique (of any sort): based upon referable scientific study (fact), it's either developed from within an individual's own bodily cells or it cannot develop at all.


Exposure to AIDS occurs from food/drink/medication ingestion: but AIDS can only manifest as chronic infection (s) if an individual fails to realize being just one identity exclusive from any or all other identities. Physical reality sans any psychosis is one identity cannot add up as many identities: a contrary opinion is called HIV/AIDS; being a part of 'IT' radioactivity is RABIDITY.


HIV/AIDS (radioactive) rabidity could be considered as the result of irrationally hostile personality pig rapists wanting attention appreciation, credit, earnings or property reward for more than one's own legitimately earned fair share.


They do not consider their gross decay as the real result of their own physical-intellectual ability: they imagine they are only causing cesspooling to death for other people and by overforcing trickeryone way or anotherwith "we-ness" gang rape assaults.


They (collectively/individually) either refuse to acknowledge or cannot recognize trying to murder, rob, identity theft-destroy a person is (irrationally hostile) malicious behavior; they justify criminally insane behavior as a means of causing disastrous weather to destroy the world with whatever or whomever it is they think they've aided as a killer storm.


HIV/AIDS (radioactive) rabidity is classified as not curable by medical treatment: it's caused by individuals who are only dyingdecomposing or no longer capable of consuming oxygen to generate the '21 Chromosome' genetic (species) identity information for being a man or woman—from their own ill will; they attacked people more aggressively than they were attacked by (the turn everything into ugly and stupid) 'Human' variants.


Blaming a person or (Homo Sapien) people for how HIV/AIDS RABID individualsas a genetic variation of peopleor 'Humans' behave is grossly unfair; the unfairness perpetuates an HIV/AIDS RABID population...


No one blames a domesticated 'kitty' for being a typical mountain lion: many individuals can still realizethere really is more to fear than fear itselfthere's a vast genetic identity distinction between a Great White Shark and a Goldfish.


HIV/AIDS RABIDonly decaying or rapidly decomposing until being blessedly and totally deceased—individuals have no real regard for money or the things money should buy; assaulting people is their DISEASE: it's not rational and the whole point of their chronic (demonic) desire to harm people is to cause mass destruction and death because they cannot behave like people or do not want being persons to be a survival necessity.


It's certainly not because they hope to wear my brassieres as ear muffs: they are stealing my lingerie costumes and clothes to entice the distress damsels who try to pretend being "like her" (?!) women for the TV/Inet news or local condemned court houses; they all want to be on the TV as hateful hogs of limelight, but only to perpetuate pretentious credibility for stalking even more victims.


And despite the reality of how the wealth of oneno matter how many ones are attackeddivided amongst many is no real wealth at all: wealth cannot be stolen; financial affluence and intellectual civil value has to be (productively) earned by each one person or it cannot exist.


The crazy career criminal (insurgency) alias San Diego Police Department, San Diego Sheriff's Department, FBI-USDOJ aka (the Devil's) 'Court Service Bureau' insanely demand recognition for whatever identity they hope to declare for themselves on TV: as if a public declaration insures their rabid gang of more successful identity theft-destruction grand theft larceny.


And yet they cannot cause enough intellectual sufficiency amongst themselves to not destroy whatever it is they're trying to steal: the best thing they've decided to happen for themselvesfrom here on outis oxygen will gas their 'Our Gang' union to totally deceased.


The standard of living established for and by the people population is too difficult for the HIV/AIDS RABID individuals to achieve: this is not a new situation; modern civilization accomplishment has relied on the seemingly unending stream of 'Baby Boomers' and then 'Busters' to supply the physical-intellectual labor necessary to support the production and selling-buying of goods/services.


Since the 1930-1950 'Great Depression Era' people averaged (6) six children per family, each new generation has parented less children: 'Baby Boomers' averaged only (4) children per family and their off spring 'Busters' parented only a common (2) two children.


'X Generation' or 'Millennials'the children of the Busters and not their Boomer grandparents: the popular lie about 'X Generation' 'Millennials' being the children of Boomers is about Boomers and Busters trying to steal inheritance money from 'X Generation' 'Millennials'; Busters were the super rich generation but most Boomers tricked their Busters into dedicating Boomer-Buster inheritance money to bank accounts for Busters' 'X Generation' 'Millennial' off spring—are parenting failures at only an average of (1) one birth per family.


The factual statistics for current birth rates do not overtly include genetic decline argument; the consideration of birth rate decline is typically limited to understanding low birth rate as an isolated (thus impossible) "economic reason" which is the same thing as physical (genetic) decline and the result of civil distress.



[As a public minority majority: most 'X Generation' 'Millennials' have declared themselves as incapable of earning legitimate living; their diminished but overwhelming understanding is money to support livelihood can only be stolen or they certainly do notcollectively/individually as a group—think respectable work is possible to earn support.


(Reference US Motion Picture, 'Rain Man', 1988 United Artists) The 'idiot savant' test: if a man had a box of 1000 toothpicks and he dropped the box on the floor, how could he (possibly) know exactly how many toothpicks he dropped with the box?!


It's a very simple feasibility question to determine an ability to apply basic (realistic) reasoning: it is not a trick question; non-retarded persons should be able to figure out the correct answer in a way that is not phenomenal for non-retarded persons.]



Economy is a method of enabling civil productivity and the measurement of physical (civil) interaction: systematic economy exemplifies how well or poor a civilization is at manufacturing and selling-buying goods/services; if a majority of a populace is only trying to murder, rob, identity theft-destroy productive individuals, the economy amongst the masses can only be "bad" (with or without Boomers' Busters).

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