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Frozen Fruit Sorbet & Gelato

Summer is on the way—fruits are becoming abundant—and a healthy option for a frozen sweet nutritious treat is a vegan (non-animal), low fat, low calorie, high-nutrient enriched utilizable protein & electrolytes fruit sorbet or gelato: the distinction between the two is a primary base of fruit puree versus a grain/bean/nut ‘milk’ base only. And Gelato can also be prepared to include egg yolks without causing a loss of fibrous essence or the necessary elemental proteins to develop and sustain fitness...

[Eating or drinking frozen food stuffs is not recommended as a daily constant consumption choice: allegedly—and the allegations are founded by the evidence of mineral rocks cracking from the extreme altercation between hot and cold temperatures—eating frozen foods frequently can cause cracking tooth damage.


But the foundational reason for not ingesting frozen foods too frequently—and specifically not during the cold days of winter—is the result of a lessened body temperature; left alone with a wintering nature, a person could easily and quickly freeze to death if the individual consistently caused a lessened (lower) body temperature by eating frozen food. Food being frozen during summertime is unnatural: a natural supply of frozen food stuffs would only occur during winter months at most climates and it would be prudent (then) to defrost natural food supplies—to avoid the development of hypothermia—before consumption.


If a person is dedicated to 100% anatomical correctness—I only prepare and eat frozen sorbet/gelato twice (2) per YEAR—this recipe can also be served HOT as a fruit or dessert cream soup: to preserve seasonal fruit, the sorbet can be kept frozen for up to six months but this is not recommended for the gelato and specifically not! if including eggs.]


Fruit Sorbet and Gelato share a secret: the two concoctions can both freeze so solid (hard), they cannot be scooped out of a container for serving; a remedy is GLYCERIN and the best “on the market” is (food grade edible) ‘NOW’. Glycerin is a harmless substance made from the fluid of mulched plants: if blending (mulching/pureeing) a plant (such as ‘Stevia’), the oil rises to the top of the mixture—the solid fibrous protein sinks to the bottom—and the separated fluid or “sugar water” can be boiled to produce sweet glycerin.


Glycerin adds zero -0- calories: using it not only prevents the sorbet or gelato from freezing too hard (for serving/scooping), it also cuts the caloric value per serving in half because including it reduces the amount of other caloric sweeteners necessary to accomplish a pleasing result.


Nut/Grain/Bean ‘MILK’ can be purchased ready to go or produced by using nut/grain/bean FLOUR (finely ground rendering) mixed with purified or distilled water: to mix a milk—for every one (1) cup of water—add (1/4) one quarter cup of oat, almond, soy, coconut or brown rice flour to each one cup of distilled (purified) water. Some of the flours are more coarsely ground than others: for a very fine—smooth ultra creamy—the best choice of flour would be oat; coconut and almond flour (s) tend to be the coarsest of the grinds.


Guar Gum—flour made by finely grinding an edible bean—powder is available at many stores (other than just Whole Foods Market) and including it will stabilize or cause a more bodacious (bodied) milk, but keep in mind it is touted for its’ laxative (like) effect.

*If purchasing a carton of prepared nut/grain/bean ‘milk’ at a grocery store, it is prudent to check the ingredient label to insure it DOES NOT contain processed white or other cane sugar, chemical preservatives, yeasts, sodium chloride (“salt”) or elemental (added concentrated toxic isolates of vitamins/minerals) fortification: to prevent a healthy nutritious treat from becoming a toxic substance, a person cannot include the typical “junk” (processed to wicked white cane sugar being the least of the evils) found in most store ready to go (pre-packaged) prepared foods.


‘Blanche’ is partially flash-boiled (not fully cooked) and/or rinsing with boiling sterile water: it is important to blanche the fresh (or dried) fruit being used as the sorbet base prior to pureeing it. It is best to use distilled boiling water by placing cut fruit—skin intact—into boiling water for two (2)—(5) five minutes (consider a person's pot & cut fruit sizes) total; immediately strain/cool/peel. Nuts & Dried Fruit must also get flash—two (2)—three (3) minutes—blanched in the distilled boiling water, strained/drained/cooled.


The flavor choices (based upon inclusions) for the fruit sorbet or gelato can be rather endless: a favorite gelato is ‘Spumoni’ and to obtain that wonderful green color with a hint of spring flavor, organic green tea powder (see foto top center of this page) such as ‘Green Breeze’ can be added to the milk base mixture before adding unsalted (shelled/cleaned/blanched) pistachio nuts and fresh (or dried, frozen) pitted cherries.


Adding egg yolks results a custard (dense) gelato: beat yolks (whites removed) alone with approximately one fourth (1/4) cup of a flour choice—tapioca flour can also be used but it will yield a must chewier end product—then slowly add (1) one cup of distilled water until the egg/flour paste and fluid are whisked smoothly together (without lumps); heat the mixture (using a glass pot is preferable) on a stove top at medium to low heat for (3-5) three to five minutes and cool.


The egg whites can be whipped to meringue and folded slowly into the gelato (after all the other ingredients have been combined) mixture right before placing the gelato into the freezer: including the egg whites will cause an icier (more ice crystallized) and stiffer (not as creamy) gelato. The ratio is (3-4 depending upon the size) three to four eggs—yolks alone or as described above—per one quart of gelato.


 Egg Custard Vanilla Caramel Custard

*One quart (liquid) thirty two ounces: 32oz (or four (4) eight (8oz) ounce cups) = 0.946 liter frozen gelato or fruit sorbet.


 Frozen Banana Split Sorbet

Strawberry Banana Split Sorbet Recipe

Three (3) cups blanched fresh strawberries

Two (2) ripe bananas

One + One Third (1 1/3) cup reduced fat coconut milk (top center foto: Whole Foods 365 w/Guar Gum additive)

One Half (1/2) cup (no oil, no salt, no animal dairy) chocolate chips

One (1) cup reduced fat coconut flakes

One Half (1/2) cup finely chopped unsalted nuts (roasted peanuts/pecans/almonds)

One Half (1/2) cup NOW Glycerin

One (1) Cup Coconut Palm Flower Dehydrate or ‘Palm Sugar’

One Quarter (1/4: a full shot glass) cup Bourbon Vanilla


Clean, trim/cut fresh strawberries and blanche quickly; place the prepared fruit into a blender: puree. If any fluid is necessary to complete the pureeing, add approximately (1/3) one third cup of the coconut milk per (1) one cup of fruit.


Finely chop bananas and add those with the strawberry puree into a one quart or greater freezer (capacity) container with an air tight (sealing) lid. Stir the strawberry puree and bananas together while adding the (remaining or all) coconut milk.


Stir the palm flower dehydrate into the mixture; add the glycerin and vanilla while mixing well.

Add the coconut flakes, chopped nuts and chocolate chips: mix well, seal and begin freezing.

After about (2) two hours of freezing, remove the container from the freezer—stir assertively—then return the sorbet container to the freezer for about another (3) three hours: a simple nutritious fantastic flavored treat!


It is best to allow the scooped and dished sorbet/gelato to ‘warm’ outside the freezer for approximately five (5) minutes prior to eating: it tastes and is best if it’s not too frozen or when it is at a (safer) ‘soft serve’ stage.


Frozen Fruit Sorbets and Gelatos are very nutritious—almost totally fat free—ambitious and cleansing by promoting proper blood circulation while supporting optimal caloric intake. As depicted below (stemmed glass foto) a (4-5) four-five scoop serving—approximately (2) two cups—is only about (two to four hundred) 200-400 calories: it can be topped with ('Suzannes’) Rice Mallow Cream (if fluffy white sweet stuff on top is desired)...

[April 7th 2015 TYF]

2nd Image Frozen Banana Split Sorbet

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