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Pumpkin Pumpkin Pie is low calorie high-nutrient enriched utilizable protein & electrolytes: fibrous essence with necessary elements and the protein to develop fitness...


One (1) whole (15-17 lbs) washed (raw) Pumpkin


After washing the outer skin and manicuring the stem, place the whole pumpkin on a tray or skillet roasting pan to blanche bake HANZEL & GRETAL STYLE for 15-20 minutes in 350 (Fahrenheit) degree oven. DO NOT INFLICT STAB WOUNDS prior to Blanche baking:


‘Blanche’ is partially flash-baked (not fully cooked).


Allow pumpkin to cool outside of the oven for about 30 minutes: decide a circumference (depth) to decapitate pumpkin's top... Inflict large puncture incisions at intervals around (form diameter) the blanched (cooled) pumpkin's top, then slice through that top and remove it off to a separate plate (platter). Hand remove seeds and strings: the nutrients are excellent for skin/nails or vinyl gloves are (sanitary) comfortable. After removing seeds and strings; trim and remove pumpkin flesh (pulp) by slight incisions One-Sixteenth (1/16th) of an inch from outer circumference of the external skin: a spoon scooping method can also work; the point is to NOT CUT (a hole or incision) the outer skin—from the interior, don't cut or scrape too close to the external (outer) skin—as the outer skin is the natural service ware which holds the thing together. Place the whole pumpkin shell (sans stemmed top) on a (glass) baking skillet or onto a sheet roasting pan covered with unbleached baking paper.


FILLING: The interior (rim) flesh should be trimmed to 1/16th of the outer skin (around interior of the pumpkin) and combined with any additional pumpkin pulp removed to a bowl for coating blanched cut fresh apple, pear, peaches or just nuts, dried cranberries, raisins; combinations of dried or fresh fruit & nuts. Three (3) cups *blanched (cut) Fresh Fruit or One + Half (1 1/2) cup dried fruits with One + Half (1 1/2) cups unsalted nuts.


*It is best to use distilled boiling water by placing cut fruit—skin intact—into boiling water for two (2)-(5) five minutes (consider a person's pot & cut fruit sizes) total; immediately strain/cool/peel and coat blanched fruit with two (2) tablespoons lemon juice before placing it (covered) in refrigeration.


(Nuts & Dried Fruit must also get flash—two (2)—three (3) minutes—blanched in the distilled boiling water, strained/cooled or drained/refrigerated).


Prepare Pumpkin Pulp: Mix One (1) cup Pumpkin Pulp (the pulp removed from inside of the pumpkin). One (1) cup 'Stevia' (In the Raw), One-Half (1/2) cup Brown Rice Syrup or Honey (or 1/4 cup each to ½ cup total), One (1) tablespoon Sweet Cinnamon, One (1) tablespoon Vanilla Powder or Extract, One (1) Skinny Shot of Spiced RUM, One-Fourth (1/4) cup Flax Seed MEAL. Add all ingredients in a large glass bowl: stir/mix well; add pumpkin pulp puree mixture to the fruit/nut choices and thoroughly coat the fruits/nut choices (combine fruit filling & pulp ingredients to mix well).


BASIC HEALTH CRUST: (for this particular pie)


One (1) cup Raisin Puree (blanched/pureed—inside a blender with distilled water—fruit paste). Two— (2-3)—Three Cups Spring Wheat, One (1) teaspoon Baking Soda, Three (3) tablespoons Grape Seed Oil, One (1) tablespoon (distilled white or apple cider) Vinegar. Use distilled water: for as much kneading or mixing as dough requires (only). Don’t over work dough...


Combine One (only 1) tablespoon of the Grape Seed Oil with the (‘golden’ raisin is preferable) raisin puree with vinegar added to stir/pour on the flour—flour should already be mixed with baking soda—inside a glass bowl. Start stir mixing all ingredients by adding small increments of distilled water to begin kneading the dough ball lightly (too much working it can cause tough dough).


Apply One (1) tablespoon Grape Seed Oil to the entire pastry dough ball AFTER placing it on a pastry board covered with plastic wrap (or unbleached parchment paper laid over the top of the pastry board for roll—pinning). Roll Pin 3/4 of the dough ball into a pastry thick 30 inch circumference (15 inch diameter): big!  Lift and fit the entire pastry crust inside the pumpkin shell; place the pumpkin shell (with the crust inserted) into a (Fahrenheit) 375 degree pre-heated oven to flash bake five (5) minutes (only). Remove from oven...


ADD FILLING slowly to pack it into the blanched pastry crust (without breaking the crust) inside pumpkin shell. Use 1/4 dough ball and remaining grape seed oil to roll Pie Crust Appliqués (flowers, moons, stars, etc.) for finishing the interior top** after filling (**before or under the pumpkin shell top with stem).


Decorate the interior top of filled pumpkin shell with pastry images: return to oven and bake for no more than 30 minutes inside a 375 degree (Fahrenheit) oven; remove and allow to cool at least 30 minutes prior to any serving cuts.


NOTE: the pumpkin’s top or stemmed “lid” should be applied to the complete (filled/appliquéd) pumpkin shell during the last five (5) minutes of (30 minutes) baking time. If pastry appliqués brown too quickly, the stemmed lid (decapitated pumpkin top) applied to the filled pumpkin shell inside the oven prevents scorching of the appliqués. But pumpkin’s top (stemmed lid) cannot be baked (again) for more than ten (10) minutes of a total 30 minutes baking time (after fill/appliqué: not including the initial 15 minute flash bake prior to pumpkin cutting/fitting/filling). Total Bake Time: 45-50 minutes.


THIS PIE IS A GREAT CULINARY LABOR OF LOVE: it is very nutritious—almost totally fat free—ambitious and it is cleansing; it promotes proper blood circulation while supporting optimal caloric intake. PUMPKIN Pumpkin PIE is delicious beyond explanation. A (huge) slice—1/6 of the entire pie—is about 350-450 calories: it can be topped (hence the caloric variation) with ('Suzannes') RiceMallow Cream or ‘Wee Bee Honey’. [July 17th 2014; June 20th 2015: TYF]


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