Pumpkin Pumpkin Pie is low-calorie, high-nutrient enriched with utilizable protein and electrolytes or fibrous essence with necessary elements and protein for developing fitness...

One (1) Whole (15-17 lbs) Washed (Raw) Pumpkin

After washing the outer skin and manicuring the stem, place the whole pumpkin on a tray/skillet/roasting pan to "blanche" bake HANZEL & GRETAL STYLE for 15-20 minutes inside 350 degree (Fahrenheit) oven.

DO NOT INFLICT STAB WOUNDS prior to blanche baking: 'blanche' means partial flash-bake (not fully cooked).

This Recipe Remedy is INTENSE: the labor to it is demanding...

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1st Bite Pumpkin Filling Foto

Before deciding a circumference (depth) to decapitate the pumpkin's top: total bake time is 45-50 minutes.

THIS PIE IS A CULINARY LABOR OF LOVE: it is very nutritious (almost totally fat free) ambitious and it is cleansing; it promotes proper blood circulation while supporting caloric intake optimalization.

PUMPKIN Pumpkin PIE is delicious beyond explanation... A slice (1/6 of a pie or a huge slice) is about 350-450 calories: it can be "topped" ('Suzannes') RiceMallow Cream or Wee Bee Honey!

(July 17th 2014; June 20th 2015: TYF)