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                                                                December 28, 2015

                                       Superior Court of California, County of San Diego





TwilahYvonne Freberg, Pro Se                          Case 37201500038726 cl-ud-ctl

9229 Regents Road L222                                  }Answer Filed 11/23/2015: Motion To Dismiss

(Regents Park Row, 222)

La Jolla CA 92037


Phone: 8584527990                                            }CA Court Rule 8.54 (2); 8.57 (b)

Mail: P.O. Box 12765                                        }Defendant Requests Protective Order:

La Jolla CA 92039-2765                                    }CCP 527.6 (e)-(w)-(x) Cite: CCC 13405, ‘1505’

                                                                            }CCC 13401.3 (NO CA SOS Registration)

                                    VS                                   }CA Code (“CCR”) Title 25, Section 42

                                                                            }CC 9294 (a); CCP 564-570; (specifically)

                                                                            }CCP 568.3 (b) (NO ID); CPC 1340 (e)


[ALLEGED PLAINTIFF] Regents La Jolla     }Total Pages: 26

Commonwealth, LP and/or LLC

9253 Regents Road

La Jolla CA 92037


Kimball, Tirey & St. John

(Alias) Patricia H. Tirey/Coyne

(and/or) San Diego Superior Court

'San Diego Superior Court'

330 W. Broadway

San Diego CA 92101




1. CON AM Property Management Corporation is the LEASOR—the active current agent/owner—for Defendant (“TYF”) rental unit at Regents La Jolla, 9229 Regents Road L222; La Jolla CA 92037. TYF paid rent for November 2015 $1708 [ahead of the due] date per contract agreement; TYF paid rent for December 2015 $1708 in full and January 2016 rent of $1708 has also been paid in full. EXHIBIT Pages 01-16.


2. Any supposed partner or person (s) pretending to be an individual owner as an attempt to loot TYF—beyond stealing rent money already paid—by felony false pretense stalking and/or malicious fraudulent litigation to attempt the theft of unit L222 from Con Am would have to address complaint to the owner/agent CON AM Property Management Corporation, the LEASOR: 3990 Ruffin Road #100; San Diego CA 92123.


3. Regents La Jolla, 9229 Regents Road L222, La Jolla CA 92037 was never eligible for sale as an individually owned condominium: it is situated over open public access facilities (spa therapy, pool cabana, pool, outdoor cooking and seating areas].


4. Patricia H. Tirey is NOT THE OWNER—nor is Regents La Jolla Commonwealth, LP—of , unit L222: no person (s) pretending to be a Patricia H. Tirey has provided any proof of being retained as an attorney for Regents La Jolla Commonwealth, LP. NO PROOF has been provided of a Patricia H. Tirey even being an attorney and certainly NO PROOF of  that alias as the owner of Regents La Jolla, 9229 Regents Road L222, La Jolla CA 92037 [CC9294 (a); CCP 564-570].


5. Defendant Twilah Yvonne Freberg MOTIONS TO DISMISS: if an individual owner did exist—such as if a Patricia H. Tirey owned L222—that person would have to address the LEASOR CON AM to express complaints of rent owed or to attempt possession by theft and NOT THE LEASEE. TYF is not the owner: Defendant TYF is the LAWFUL TENANT. 


6. The LEASEE, Defendant Twilah Yvonne Freberg, “TYF” cannot lawfully be requested to relinquish, give, vacate and/or surrender CON AM rental unit L222 to any person (s) or entities: not to a defunct Regents La Jolla Commonwealth, LP and certainly not to unidentified supposed Clerks of the Superior Court of CA nor known to be maliciously felonious false pretense stalking   criminal insane psychotic frauds aliased as Kimball, Tirey & St. John and/or [aka] fake attorney serial stalker Patricia H. Tirey. TYF cannot be ordered to surrender L222 to the SDPD, SD Sheriff’s nor criminally insane “community service workers”.    




8. The Civil Limited division of the CA State Court does not have the jurisdiction to decide cases of possession for real estate property. The Civil Limited division of the Court of CA does not have the legal jurisdiction to order TYF to vacate or surrender unit L222 and TYF IS NOT VACATING, despite any further false litigation.


9. Defendant TYF complaint to the SDPD, FBI, US Federal District Court Southern Division—reference case 09CV0222-DMS/AJB filed during February 2009—is directed at the repetitive criminal assaults against TYF by this chronic criminal defamation felony stalking, false pretense malicious fraudulent [FAKE/FRAUDS] litigation to further threats of violence [assault of battery, threats of murder, grand larceny, identity theft] by not legally identified persons only known to be illegally occupying the CA State Courthouse by pretending authority as clerks, judges and/or “commissioners”.        


10. The original Leasor was Regents La Jolla HOA and never Regents La Jolla Commonwealth, LP—limited partnerships are not allowed to demand, collect or otherwise charge rent for units of which the LP might or might not be involved, nor is a limited partnership allowed to demand possession of property away from a financial lender assigned registered agent —who stopped all business as the entity Regents La Jolla Commonwealth, LP during 2010 through 2011. TYF initial lease for unit L222 was issued during June 2012: CON AM is now and has been the LEASOR since 2013.  TYF has paid rent in full without interruption nor tardiness since June 2012.


11. All documents provided to the court and to TYF declare CON AM is not requesting any altercation to the rental contract agreement with Defendant, Twilah Yvonne Freberg L222...    


12. The CA SOS has NO IDENTIFICATION of a Kimball, Tirey & St. John nor any Patricia H. Tirey as a registered agent of process of any real estate property. This case was/is already dismissed WITH PREJUDICE by ‘Judge Luis R. Vargas’ on December 18, 2008 as '37200800047260' CL-UD-CTL: ‘Res Judicata’—dismissed with prejudice—by CA State Judge Barton 01/22/2009 as '37200900048134' CL-UD-CTL. It was dismissed with prejudice by CA State Pro Temp Judge Pollack on 02/23/2009 as '37200900042561'. A Patricia H. Tirey was allegedly the attorney for a non-existent plaintiff in each of the dismissed with prejudice cases.


13. An attorney IS NOT ALLOWED TO FILE CASES FOR A PLAINTIFF IN CIVIL LIMITED SMALL CLAIMS COURT: any aliased Patricia H. Tirey (s) HAS NO RIGHT OF COMPLAINT AGAINST TYF; no such person exists as the owner of regents la jolla commonwealth, lp or unit L222. The alias patricia h. tirey (s) is a fraudulent felonious serial stalker who is not a licensed attorney—not an/the owner of L222—but is a psychotic civil retard.    


14. This fictitious complaint against Twilah Yvonne Freberg is intended to incite violence: because HIV infected persons are trying to perpetuate assault in order to harm TYF and to cause harm to others. Due to their own extreme intellectual (physical) deficiency, they simply do not understand any other way to gain attention to their hateful demonic selves...


15. Defendant TYF is requesting a CA State Court order to restrain this serial stalking civil harassment, threats assault of battery and/or premeditated attempts to perpetuate murder, home invasion, grand theft larceny, criminal defamation to identity theft: CCP 527.6 to conclude an injunction to uphold the existing three CA State Court judge orders for dismissal with prejudice, ‘Res Judicata’ [no further jeopardy or threats of jeopardy].


16. It is illegal for law enforcement—such as SDPD—to file false claims by an alias in a civil limited (small claims) court to prosecute misdemeanor crime. Private citizens—attorneys or not—are not allowed to file charges in any court to prosecute other citizens for even misdemeanor criminal offenses. TYF IS NOT THE ONE GUILTY OF UNLAWFUL DETAINER: unlawful detainer is the fault of the court aka Patricia H. Tirey.          


17. The Civil Limited (small claims) court has NO RIGHT TO ORDER TYF TO RELINQUISH POSSESSION OF THIS paid for rental PROPERTY. Any COMPLAINT for possession MUST BE ADDRESSED TO LEASOR CON AM: NOT TYF, THE LAWFUL LEASEE. The court cannot order TYF to commit an act of crime.


Declared with the knowledge of the penalty for perjury by the laws of the State of California,




Twilah Yvonne Freberg:  December 28 2015




1. ‘A 1-3’ Copy of Bank issued mail receipt of electronic TYF rent payment

2. ‘B 1-2’ Copy of Defendant TYF ANSWER court filed November 23, 2015

3. ‘C 1-15’ TYF Supportive Documents filed with ANSWER form UD-105 

4. ‘D 1’ USPS registered mail receipts to CON AM, Regents La Jolla, SDPD